production design

Production designers are responsible for visual concept and content. Providing exceptional service to our clients, the KEILIN group is a turnkey design & production company.

First and foremost, we are designers!

We design Sets, Exhibits, Graphics and Fixtures. We create breakthrough concepts in design and production execution that maximizes the client’s objectives to build cohesive solutions.

  • o broadcast set design
  • o exhibit design
  • o commercials, infomercials
  • o theatrical design
  • o virtual sets
  • o webcast set design (see below)

webcast studio design

The fastest way to reach your customers is to put them in the driver seat. Today, how to use this wrench to adjust that gismo or how to make the perfect cupcake are a click away. Of course, those very wrenches and cupcake pans are available for sale and linked to your how-to video. Whatever, your business does, this is the future of self-advertising and sales! Imagine, being able to support your product line by building a webstudio in your own facility then creating your own content! The physical studio footprint is small - the return on investment is huge! Create how-to videos that don’t “SELL” the product or service, show the customer that THEY can build it, fix it or use it. Sell the dream not the thing!


From the 20,000 seat arena for NCYC 2009 to the theatrical TD Bank WOW awards to corporate team building events, we work every step of the way to insure each event is visually stimulating to maximize its effectiveness. Visual reinforcement of brand and identity is vital to clearly delivering your message.

  • o corporate events
  • o meetings
  • o power point decks for presentations
  • o branded support materials


The main thing to remember about an exhibit, like all displays, is that it must stop you in your tracks or draw your attention like a toddler to a new toy! Whether it’s a Museum exhibit, Window Display or Tradeshow Booth, you have one shot to get it right! We focus the visitor on the “commodity.” If you place an “object” on a table in your apartment and your friends come to have a look, well, it’s just a “thing” on a table. Display that object on a pedestal, it’s an exhibit. Design… Visual Cohesion… and directing your visitors to the product, artifact or service are key to any successful “display.” We design exceptional exhibits, and have the expertise that make your display eye-catching, interactive, intuitive, and fun to navigate!

  • o trade show booths
  • o museum exhibits
  • o window displays
  • o branded support materials


Branding is everything!

So much more than a single graphic, symbol or catch phase. From our point of view, branding is the visual integration of all platforms, all media and materials into one cohesive look. Every service we offer coordinates brand identity into a visually “cohesive package”. We provide integrated design and technology solutions that deliver your brand message to the targeted audience.

  • o graphics and production
  • o logo design
  • o web design
  • o presentations
  • o team gear


Impulse equals sales! Speed means money!

Impulse purchasing is a critical factor in today’s retail environment. The whole purchase decision process for impulse goods takes place at the point of sale

Eye catching design • Functional execution • Exceptional fixtures

The whole concept is: get the customers attention, make it easy for them to select the item and quickly close the deal. Whether its electronic retailing or a bricks and mortar location we design so you make the sale.

  • o electronic retailing
  • o point of purchase displays
  • o custom display fixtures
  • o kiosks

project management

Project management is just part of the deal, whether we are designing scenery, fabricating or sourcing team gear production; we are a one-stop service. However, if you need professional management of an in-house design or fabrication management of your display project, we do that as well!

We do that for our own designs.

We do that for other design firms.

And we do that for clients who need to get things done and don’t have the extra time to manage numerous subcontractors. We take the worry out of who to contact, who to engage and who is going to ensure the project gets done.

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