the studio

Designers and artisans that are connected by a desire to push design principles and techniques to their boundaries and who find innovative uses for traditional materials is the STUDIO’s purpose. The KEILIN group handpicks design talent and production facilities for their extraordinary artistry and craftsmanship. Our studio atmosphere excels at sourcing new resources and techniques that push those boundaries. Our objective is to reshape, redefine and reinvent materials, techniques and forms, to establish our position in the design market. Our vision is to carry on the tradition of fine craftsmanship while introducing our own design sensibility to consumers.

Fanatical about fusing new platforms and technologies with an eye toward innovative design and fabrication, KEILIN constantly evaluates visual trends and emerging technologies for their visual impact, practical application and longevity, including cost to return ratio.

company overview

the KEILIN group is and will continue to be a work in progress. Our strength is that we continually evolve. Established in 2009, the KEILIN design group, Inc. started out with the goal to primarily design and fabricate trade show booths; specifically the “in-between” size booths. You know, an exhibit booth that is larger than the pop-up suitcase booth but smaller than the mega-booths that cost in the mid six figures. The two principal designers and founders have extensive stage and broadcast design experience and believed that they could use that acumen to carve out that niche for themselves.

Ancient History!

Over those first few years we got up and went to work! We delivered an unbelievable variety of projects from arena events to stage designs to retail fixtures and back to our roots of broadcast scenery. However, we did much more than “design”. We project managed, we designed graphics for all mediums, and we designed and developed web studios (with exceptional scenery – of course). Consequently, we matured into the KEILIN group. We are a vibrant design company that provides integrated design and technology solutions to our clients.

Our unique multi-discipline design portfolio illustrates the group’s extensive experience in exhibit and television production design as well as graphic design, visual merchandising and corporate events. We provide our clients breakthrough concepts in design and production execution that maximizes their objectives. To us the bottom line is visually delivering the brand promise... on-time and on-budget.

To this day, we pride ourselves on our personalized, hands-on style. We make it our business to be there every step of the way to help articulate your vision and clarify your design objectives.

Clarity, Strategy and Flawless Execution are our mission and the foundation to success.

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